Siphiwe Baleka Qualifies For USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals

by Siphiwe on July 6, 2011


Siphiwe Qualifies For USAT Nationals



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Siphiwe Baleka Qualifies for Nationals Again

Monday, June 27, 2011 – Siphiwe Baleka, and Independent Contractor with Prime, Inc., placed 56th out of 577 competitors at the Warsaw Optimist Sprint Triathlon/USAT Special Qualifier in Warsaw, IN June 25, 2011. Baleka was 9th in the Men’s 40-44 age group and had the 6th fastest overall swim time. By virtue of this performance, Baleka qualified for the USAT 2011 Age Group National Championships in Burlington, VT August 20, 2011. It is the second National Championship event that the “ZuluRoadmaster” has qualified for this year while driving for Prime and training on the road. Earlier this year, Baleka won two National Championships at the United States Masters Swimming 2011 Spring Nationals in Mesa, AZ.

“This is all very exciting to me,” said Baleka. “I did my first ever triathlon just over a month ago, so it is new to me and I am still learning. I didn’t know anything about triathlons when I started training in March, and now I am going to the Age Group Nationals. It’s quite amazing!”

According to the electronic training log the he keeps at, since January 1, 2011 Baleka has swam 91.46 miles (49 hours and 27 minutes), biked 1,042 miles (61 hours and 33 minutes), and ran 237.9 miles (35 hours and 3 minutes)  while driving and delivering loads for Prime, Inc. Asked how he manages to fit in all of this training while driving long haul across the country, Baleka said, “It’s not as hard as you might think. I like to put in in an hour of training in the morning before I start driving. Otherwise, I just find some time during the day waiting for a load or waiting to get loaded or unloaded. Once you make the commitment you find the time, even if it’s only 30 minutes to run a few miles.”

While Baleka can run or bike virtually anywhere (he carries his Quintana Roo Lucero triathlon bike in the truck), he has to find places to swim. “When the weather permits, I use my GPS to find a lake with a beach to do some open water swimming once or twice a week. Otherwise, I will use the GPS to find a YMCA and go and swim laps.”

In addition to training and competing, Baleka has launched Fitness Trucking ( to help other drivers who want to lose weight or maximize their fitness while living out of their trucks on the road. “My long term goal is to reverse the trend of poor health among commercial truck drivers and create a culture of fitness within the industry.”

To get the ball rolling, Prime, Inc. has partnered with Baleka to conduct a health and fitness survey that will provide a profile of the exercise and nutrition habits within the fleet. Baleka has also recorded the first three of fifteen short videos introducing the Fitness Trucking program for Prime drivers. “I have a road-tested program that will coach drivers to lose a pound a week. If they follow the program, that’s fifty-two pounds of weight-loss in one year!” Baleka hopes to debut the program with ten volunteer Prime drivers later this year.

For now, however, Baleka is focused on training for the triathlon at the Age Group National Championships and completing the last six months of his three year lease.

“I never imagined doing all of this when I started driving with Prime. I didn’t want to get fat and out of shape just because I was driving a truck, so I started working out for about fifteen minutes every day. I got fit very fast. I don’t expect to win at the Age Group Nationals but maybe I can become the Fittest Truck Driver in America!”

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