How to Tell If You Are Really Losing Weight

Are you trying to lose a few more pounds as often as you could to obtain that healthy and slim body you have always wanted? If you have tried various workout and diet regimens and you are wondering how long does it take for you to notice that you have really shed off those pounds, you can definitely start reading so you can gain more information on how you can make these changes on your weight noticeable.

More often, you would look into the mirror and ask yourself if you are achieving anything in what you are doing. The first thing that you would consider looking into is the promised results of the regimen that you opted for. Well, most probably after checking your weight on a weighing scale you would also like to confirm any physical changes. You alone may not be seeing so instead you will then ask others to confirm that you do look slimmer. Some may confirm and some may say that nothing has changed.


Since this question has been raised by many, scientists have started studying ways on how to determine that a person has lost weight by just looking at their physical features. From the research they have done, they were able to determine that the facial features is basically what makes it easier for other people to notice that a person has declined in weight. Evidently, it is facial adiposity which is said to be a cue to health as well as the way to see easily have others notice that you are losing weight.

You have to meet a particular amount of body mass index to be able to get others notice the difference by just looking at your face. As per scientists and health researchers, weight loss becomes noticeable in one’s facial features if the overall body mass index drops at 2.93.  This would then mean that if you are a person of average height and you want to at least have others notice that your weight decreased, it is essential that your regimen allows you to lose about eight pounds for women and nine pounds for men.

You can definitely find a variety of ways on how you will be able to lose weight and have others notice the difference. There are a lot of diet and work out plans for you to choose from and consider. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that, these regimens will not work unless you are able to discipline yourself from eating healthy, exercising regularly and keeping a healthy lifestyle. You can read more about how long does it take to notice weight loss if you click to the link.

Always bear in mind that losing weight cannot happen overnight. To succeed in losing weight, you have to have enough patience and determination to meet the goals set for you to achieve that healthy and slim body that you have always wanted. Eating the right kind of food will help which of course include fruits and vegetables. Keeping your body hydrated all the time is also a must to make your face and body look more attractive. Look for a diet plan, work out or even a supplement that will help you maintain and improve your body’s slim and healthy condition.

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